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It is Monday today and the month is August. It is broiling hot today, almost too hot to be outside. But why complain, it could be raining.

Game has funds until 2016-08-01

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On Sunday I will replace all network cables at home (changing from CAT5E to CAT6) and on Tuesday/Wednesday next week I will get fiber installed. So on Sunday I will take the game down and have it down until the fiber and all cables are in place. So all matches will be posponed another week.

2016-05-22 Qualification matches created

The qualification matches are created and will be ran on Tuesday.

2016-05-17 Qualification matches

Was abroad this weekend and missed to setup qualification matches. Will try to remember to generate them and will run them on Saturday instead so we don't delay the start of next season.

2015-12-29 Qualification matches

Qualification matches generated. A little late, but hopefully most active people sees it.

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