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2014-04-19 22:15:25

Welcome to Football Coach
It is Friday today and the month is September. There will probably be a little bit of sun today.

Game has funds until 2014-07-31

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2014-04-02 Game is up

Got internet again. I don't have a static IP anymore, but hopefully the IP won't change that often. Matches will continue on Tuesday next week.

2014-03-16 Changing ISP

Will change ISP and I will have no internet from around 23rd of March and 1-2 weeks after that. Will stop the game during that time.

2014-03-16 Power cut

Went skiing and the power at home got cut. Moving all matches one week so it shouldn't affect anyone.

2014-02-20 Seasonscripts have been ran

The season scripts have now been ran. Had some problems, but think I solved them.

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