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Welcome to Football Coach
It is Tuesday today and the month is January. A little bit of rain falls down from the sky, quite refreshing actually.

Game has funds until 2015-03-15

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2014-10-18 Problem with the router

Got some problems with the router yesterday. That is fixed now. Sorry for the downtime.

2014-08-10 One more season

Two people have paid so we have money for another season.

2014-05-22 Looks like this is the last season

Looks like this will be the last season in footballcoach. There as been no development of the game the last years and that results in less than less people that pays to become "lyxlirare". There are funds to complete this season, but after that there is no money to keep the game up.

2014-05-22 Season scripts have been ran

The season scripts have now been ran, good luck in the coming season.

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